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. After several months of intense training, coaching and working with exellent people Manning Inspire I was finally certifed as LifeCoach and certified as a business coach. So great! Anyone who needs coaching?
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Words and hummus survival bracelets

My buddy Rob. My LifeCoach my Jewish grandmother, my foot reality-check. It made me cry and laugh daily weekly. He loves my dogs. Knows all my buttons and pushes on the worst days. Rob can talk me off a ledge. He kept a cool head in my name through a hurricane emerging surgery and rodent infestation. He held my hand through all chagrin.Épicerie is an adventure in the label reading and Silly foot. He rifles through the console in my car and nosy in my medicine cabinet. We look at people and pet dogs in the street .. He kissed my forehead. It almost always feels good, and warns me when it does not work. My enthusiasm for our district has no equal as his. This is a good neighbor, sweeping sidewalks and collecting waste for recycling other directories. When I asked if my clothes match, he did not hesitate to answer. He told me when I look good. He told me I should wear a hat hiver.Il chose the best color for my room and convinced me to rearrange my living room furniture for better feng shui. He surprised me by bathing my dog, clean my yard and installing a shower filter while I was dehors.Il eat my leftovers. He says that if I can stand even a sip of regular soda, so my diet has too much sugar. We are all lactose intolerant according Rob.Rob smiles to strangers in the street and makes stupid songs about dogs. He is gentle and kind, honest and intelligent. It can identify my tantrums one block. Everyone could use a Rob in their lives.
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