Coach Association | Tony Gaskins | Discuss soul ties

Coach Association | Tony Gaskins | Discuss soul ties


  1. sigmalady07 says:

    Whoa I never realized the power of? soul ties

  2. SassyClassyDiva01 says:

    I was there.? Great seminar.

  3. GodsQueenWoman says:

    Where is the? rest? I need to hear the rest?

  4. TonyGaskins says:

    Set it up! Book the hotel conference? room and the date and I’ll be there. :)

  5. TonyGaskins says:

    You have to keep an eye open for my next seminar near you :) ?

  6. TonyGaskins says:

    Thank you very much!!?

  7. ethiopianafro says:

    You are such? an awesome speaker and teacher! Fully engages the audience, keep up the good work.

  8. Msjordanne86 says:

    Where can i download? the entire message?

  9. Lik3Cinnamon says:

    Tony pleaseee come to Las Vegas!?

  10. MelodyReneeT30 says:

    We need the full message bro.?

  11. ClassyShae091 says:

    good vid..?

  12. datgurlshay22 says:

    Do u have the? full video? this is a good message.