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soldiers strike gold, two silvers at U.S. National Taekwondo Championships 090713
Photo caption: U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program martial artist Sgt. William Rider offers a blow to the ribs of the Californian Cory King with 1 minute remaining in the second round of their semifinal match at the 2009 U.S. National pen Taekwondo July 5 at the Austin Convention Center in Texas 3 seconds. “During my 25 years of Taekwondo, I think this is the second time I have never seen a knockout body shot, and the first kick,” said WCAP Taekwondo Coach David Bartlett. “I have to give thanks to the strength and conditioning program Master Sgt. Mike Mielke. “(Photo by Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs) Soldiers strike gold, two silver medals at the U.S. National Taekwondo Championships 090713 By Tim HippsFMWRC business publiquesAUSTIN, Texas – Second Lt. Steven Ostrander struck gold, and Sergeants William Rider and Louis Davis won silver medals. National Taekwondo 2009 United States 5 Juillet.Ostrander Championships, the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program martial artist from San Antonio, celebrated a return to winning his third national title in front of family and friends at the Austin Convention Ostrander Center.La mother, father, nephew and two best friends since the first year saw a dominant performance on the national stage. “My friends have never seen me fight, and my parents had not seen me fight live both together since 2001, “said Ostrander.” I fought everywhere and it is difficult to get out and see me, to be here in Austin was really a treat. “Ostrander, however , wished someone else would have participated in the tournament:. 1st Lt. Amanda Ostrander, his wife, who is deployed to Camp Liberty, Iraq “I’m going to e-mail him as soon as I return to my hotel room” said Ostrander, a graduate of Texas A & M University in 2004, WHO has a formal wedding scheduled for December, when Amanda returns from deployment. “She supports me and wishes she could be here completely. I always say my friends that this is what I do for my job, so I wanted to make a good performance for them and just take care of business. “Ostrander held his first heavyweight match, a 12-1 victory over Jonathan Lee New Jersey. He capped the conquest of a sudden spin-hook that dropped Lee, who has an eight count in the status of decline in the second meeting. “I knew he was coming hard,” said Ostrander, 6 feet 2 inches and 224 pounds. “I felt it was coming and we went ahead and spun. In 2006, I had a knockout with a kick spin-hook. I thought I might be surprised, too, but he was a great man and it just was not hard enough. “Ostrander received three points for the header and one more for the standing eight in sport which awards three points for a kick to the head, two points for a kick back or turning back jump shot, and one point for a regular single shot or a punch that creates shake and shock . Approximately 90 percent of the rating is kick-orientée.Tae means “to strike with the feet.” Kwon means “destroying with the hand or fist.” Do means “way” or “method.” Taekwondo is considered one of the oldest Oriental arts of unarmed self-defense. In ancient times, Koreans were forced to fight to protect or regain their independence from the Chinese, the Scytho-Siberians of Central Asia, the Mongol hordes, the Marauders, and the armies of Japan. “This is not a gentlemen’s sport”, sub-army WCAP Taekwondo coach David Bartlett, a four-time national champion and two-time Team USA, serving as an assistant coach for the U.S. national team in 2009 -10.Adversaire semifinal Ostrander default due to injury. “In fact, I was a little disappointed about that,” said Ostrander. “Normally, my first game is my most difficult because of the nervousness of the first fight, warm, and make sure everything is ready. My second fight is usually one of my best fights, and I get stronger as the day progresses. Entering the final phase, the other guy had a combat (in the semifinals), so it was still warm, but I had to go back and take care of me. because I felt really good today, I wanted to keep this up, especially with my family and friends here to see me fight. “Ostrander did not let them down. He prevailed 14-1 over Mehdi Dehghani of Virginia in the finals. “I went out with a job to do and the coach of the national team was sitting on the sidelines watching,” said Ostrander. “This year was the year to make a statement. I have not been selected for the Pan Am team last September, and we went to a tryout, as we will in January Me and coach Bartlett spoke earlier this week, and said. “Hey, c ‘ is an opportunity to make this statement so that there is no other choice when it comes around camp – that their idea is made before, saying, “Hey, this is the guy we want in the I can team. “It was a challenge for me. Objective my third national championship to return here, I can not go forward. Not only did I have the pressure to win, but to repeat . This is sometimes the hardest thing to do. The first guy only scored one point, and my goal was to keep the guy next to one or less. This is one of my strengths -. to stop someone down “A three-time NCAA champion for the Aggies, Ostrander won the male senior national titles in 2002 and 2008. He also won a silver medal at the World Collegiate Championships 2002 at the University of California, Berkeley. In 2005, he served as captain of the Collegiate who participated in Izmir, Turkey, where he lost his first match point in overtime for Iranien.Ostrander National Team, 26, joined the Army Program class athletes United States in August 2006. “WCAP gives me the opportunity to not have other concerns with the exception of training,” he said at “I want to thank the men and women who are deployed I was thinking that too -.. Be . here and be able to represent and do well for them, “I was talking to Amanda the other day, and all the people there I’d be in this position – love to have the ability to do what we do. Just to be allowed to live the life I want and do what I love to do is simply amazing. I could not ask for a better support of my teammates, my coaches and everyone in the program and the program. It is sometimes overwhelming. “I know I would not have done what I did today without the help of my teammates.” Bartlett said he “could not ask for more” Ostrander. “It’s like a teddy bear,” said Bartlett. “It does not look as intimidating. He did not have a strong and exciting personality. But when he gets there, he knows how to flip the switch. It is a competitor and he’s a monster. He wants to win. He wants to show everyone they can think of something, but it will be the guy to do it. “It was perfect.” Rider, a martial artist WCAP Orangeburg, SC, lost 5-3 in the final pen 17 Jaysen Ishida Hawaii. The score was tied at 3 in the second of three periods of 2 minutes, but Ishida has raised a point higher in the second and third “. This was a good game against a tough opponent, I just do not have dominate as I should have, “said Rider, who participated in five national championships.” I would have pulled his punches a little more. I felt confident me before and during the game. the third round, I kind of let s ‘away from me and I had to play catch-up “I’m very disappointed -.. 365 days before my next opportunity” in his quarter-final match, Rider rallied from a 5-2 deficit after two periods to defeat Jacob Amerman Colorado in sudden death overtime. Rider pulled into a 8-8 tie with a kick that dropped Amerman in the final seconds of the third period of decline. “I trained with him before,” said Rider. “Even though I was there on points, I just had to stick with the coach and the mine plan – do not look for the big bang, hit him on the points of the body, and stay confident. “In the semifinals, Rider broke a 5-5 tie by knocking Cory California king with a powerful kick in the ribs with 1 minute remaining in the second round three seconds.” During my 25 years of Taekwondo, I think this is the second time I have never seen a knockout body shot, and the first kick, “said Bartlett.” I have to give thanks to the strength and conditioning program Master Sgt. Mike Mielke. “” It was good for my first time in the medal round for a KO to pass through the semi-finals and the final, “said Rider. “At this point, I just get my body healthy, prepare for the camp, and make the team of the World Cup.” “There is a mental strength that comes from being a national champion,” .. Bartlett said “This is where we fell short Now, the athlete must live with it for another year It’s a game high voltage superstar like to participate in the final -.. loves the spotlight . now I think today was a bit too much for him to handle. “Davis, 38, of Fort Lewis, Washington, banged his right foot, right knee and tore the tendons in his left thumb before losing three -2 Curtis Barnett of Georgia in the finals of the welterweight division. Competition in its eighth national championship tournament, Davis said he is stuck on the pain until the day was done. “I did not feel a darn thing until the end of the match (final ) was over, “said Davis, who injured his thumb during a semifinal against Darrell Rydholm, a former member of WCAP.” I just assumed it was a “coup I was touched. “The goal for Davis, a 2005 national champion, was to win another gold medal before deploying to Iraq in October.” I did my best to follow the instructions of the coach to the letter, but there is more I can do, “said Davis.” In the final I made mistakes that I should not have done. I was better than the other guy, but I just made too many mistakes. I can not wait. “I will not make excuses. I need to work more. There are some things I need tightening. I’m too good at it to be abandoned by simple mistakes.” Davis, a native Chicago raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, said the tournament was personal. “This fight was for my 2-year-old daughter, Cecelia,” he said. “I hope she will follow in my footsteps if his mother and I bump heads too. My wife is a good woman. Although we have our differences, she has always been very supportive of me in this sport. “The personal nature of the fight Davis was multidimensional.” The truth of the matter, the other part is these guys, “he said. “The fight against side-by-side with these soldiers, it is a great honor. Our battlefield is the carpet. We represent every Soldier – valid injured people who came out and paid the price – it’s what we do “The warrior ethos is applied to all the sport’s all. Always put first. . the mission I will never accept defeat I will never quit I will never leave a fallen comrade It is us We gather it all in this game “We get banged -….. then what? We always stay in. “Even at age 38, Davis refuses to quit.” There are other things I need to accomplish before I could walk away from this, “he said. “I tried to get 2008 off to see how retirement felt, and it made me mad.” This was one of the best years, this team has had, “said Davis, who first participated National Championships in 1997. “We came together as a team on short notice and we went there and we took care of business, period.” Bartlett supported the sentiment. “We train hard,” at he says. “We train to win. No excuses. Someone will have raised their hands, and why not us? Two thousand and twelve may seem long, but to make this team, you have to start now . “We are much closer today than we were yesterday,” Connect with us:. / familymwr / familymwr / familymwr KS100920
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Washburn, Iowa, Rock Island Railroad, Train Wreck
TWO killed, six injured in épaves.Passagers had miraculously escaped fatal injuries WASHBURN.ROCK ISLAND NEAR TRAIN HITS horses and déraille.The Dead.FRED Tisdale, Cedar Rapids, ingénieur.C. A. HORTON, Minneapolis, bagagiste.Les blessés.L. H. PECK, Olin, Ia.A. STEWART, REESE Waterloo.TED, Waterloo.OTIS McCreary, Cedar Falls.WALTER Herr, Cedar Rapids, pompier.O. E. FISHBURN.Voyager at a speed of forty miles per hour, Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific passenger train No. 62 was stacked along the railway near the station Washburn, about eight miles south of the city Tuesday morning at 2:35. The train was in charge of driver Fred Davis and Tisdale, engineer, it was buried under the rubble of the cab of the engine. C. A. HORTON, porter, was also killed. A number of people were injured, but none seriously. All but one car left the unfortunate rails.Le being pulled through Waterloo at 2:20 and was on time. When approaching livestock keepers in the first crossing station Washburn, two great horses and a pony got on the track. A horse and pony were killed and thrown to the side by the driver while the other horse took to the driver so to roll along the track. The animal was dragged this way about forty rods to the switch when somehow he drew in the frog. This caused the engine to leave the main route to the airside, the rest of the train continued on rails principaux.Le gigantic iron horse plowed its way along a considerable distance before it is put a term being anchored in the ground. The van has raised side of the engine while smoking lay half upset through the tracks directly behind the engine. He was in the smoker that the majority of the injured were seated. The fire was started from the car and escaped with their feet scalded and bruised hip, while the engineer was buried under the rubble in such a way that it has been removed from the other side of the baggage car derailed. The porter was killed by the escaping steam which rushed in these volumes cover the engine and the proximity of cars with a coating blanc.L coach of steel mesh, the only coach in the steel process, was conducted on the engine and the right side. He was not upset, but was off the rails and anchored in the ground molle.L one of the monsters of the wreck was how supply got ahead of the engine. He was lying rightside up to twenty meters in front of the locomotive and turned around, facing the direction from which it came. Supply trucks were left on the right side of the engine buried in the earth until the wheels were almost out of vue.Entraîneur day saved from damage graves.L coach day was not damaged to any extent, that the end which smashed against the smoker being sold in. The Pullman directly behind the coach remained standing with one truck off the rails while the last Pullman did not leave the track and was used to provide some of the wounded in the ville.La track for about eighty rods to the main switch once and was torn and the rails were distributed in other places. Parts of the animal causing the wreck were strewn along the right switch for the engine, a shoe and part of a leg be found on the opposite side of the wreck of the rest of the ‘animal.Les horses belonged to RICHARD O’CONNOR who lives near Washburn. It has been said that the animals were safe in the adjoining pasture-of-way on Monday night, but the wind, which is accompanied by a rainstorm, opened the door and let the animals on the track. Waterloo Times-Tribune Iowa 06/11/1919