Divorce expert says tough economic times can be good for marriage


professional firm New Horizons Life Coaching Divorce said the recession could prevent ‘at risk’ marriages fall apart completely, as many couples have stuck together through tough economic times.


Sue Terry is supported by tangible evidence of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, who recently announced that the divorce rate fell by a whopping forty percent since the beginning of the crisis global economic growth.

The New York Times is a newspaper dubbed the phenomenon: “Sleeping with the enemy”, but this analysis of the situation may be unfairly cynical, some

divorce counseling guru. Sue said that most couples who have problems during difficult times showed a lot of character by sticking together, even if the trigger was money.

Sue said: “As a person who provides advice to divorce, we often see people who are extremely upset and feel that the very process of trying to resolve differences in a relationship seems unnecessary


“However, as we know, money is a huge driver of human behavior and if couples whose relationships are at risk trying to hang on in tough economic times for the greater good , then that can be good for the institution of marriage. “

” professional advisers divorce will tell you that having a common interest such as survival may have the effect of bringing together people who are remote,. actually make their relationship stronger in the long run “it added.

It remains to be seen whether there will be an influx of requests for divorce courts to continue the family once the economic times are completed and difficult recovery.

But providers divorce advice in the world could simply focus on marriage counseling for the moment, the signs of recovery are just starting to show.

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