Part of the Colorado State University – yes, it’s a riot. (23 hours 27 April) … Point 2 .. a combination of Woodstock, ‘Animal House’ and Girls Gone Wild. (08/30/2011) …

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Some Colorado State University – yes, it’s a riot. (23 hours 27 April) … Point 2 .. a combination of Woodstock, ‘Animal House’ and Girls Gone Wild. (08/30/2011) …
“I got gassed so badly, says Senior Max Firth. “I could not see, I could not breathe. I just started fuir.Un student wearing a head injury even reported being hit by a tear gas canister lacrymogène.Ft. Spokeswoman Rita Davis Collins police said in a statement that three officers involved minor injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment ………. ***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors point ….. ……… 1) …. Police with tear gas break college party area after hundreds of attacked with beer bottles agents …… Mail Online – Daily Mail … / news … Revelers at Colorado State University have climbed to top cars, condos and streetlights shouting ‘F ** k the police “and some threw bottles after a party 50 grew out of control in just two heuresPar Joshua GARDNERPUBLIÉ: 8:18 PM ET, April 28, 2013 | UPDATED UPDATE: 08:45 EST, 28 April 2013 … A typical exuberant college go up in a massive block party on Saturday that 15 police officers and a SWAT vehicle were forced to break up with tear gas and poivre.Connu as something of a school party, Colorado State University is probably no stranger to evenings tamer about 50 students flots.Donc beer flows, nothing seemed out of the ordinary when, around 20:30 April 27, Fort Collins, Colorado police showed a group of this size to complain of noise ………………………….. Code img picture … Dangerous / i/pix/2013/04/28/article-0-198661960000 … Dangerous: A party to Colorado State University, pictured, which began with 50 students at inflated to 800 before police intervened with lacrymogènesLaurenblume16/instagram gas ……….. Police ……………….. left, but when they came back things had taken a tour.Bien two hours had passed, when the cops returned at 11 am, the group had swelled to a block party with lots of anywhere from 300 to 800 wild students. More …… Michael Jordan pitching 40,000 sq. ft. tent wedding on Jack Nicklaus golf course to accommodate 2,200 guests at the wedding … Two police officers injured and man arrested after shots were fired in front of the office of Prime Minister italienRevelers representing a row of six or seven condominiums, a few blocks from the campus of CSU, shouted “F *** the police! ‘And’ Go CSU.Des witnesses told the college newspaper CSU Rocky Mountain Collegian that people were hanging from lampposts, climbing on roofs and even the roof of a car that caused the collapse . “I would say that a riot,” FT. Police Lt. Russell Reed Collins said the schoolboy. “When our officers must use the gas to get out of a situation because of the immaturity of the crowd … yeah, it’s a émeute.Alors the police tried to break what had become dangerous situation, verbal abuse of students became physical ……………….. img ……….. Code Photo … Wild / i/pix/2013/04/28/article-0-198661920000 … Wild: A student took to Twitter to document the wild party that the cops have finished with riot after inflated to 800 with the help of the media sociauxben_boucher / Twitter ………. ……………….. officers were hit by beer bottles thrown into the air and that’s when they decided to pull cans of tear gas into the crowd. “I got gassed so badly, says Senior Max Firth. “I could not see, I could not breathe. I just started fuir.Un student wearing a head injury even reported being hit by a tear gas canister lacrymogène.Ft. Spokeswoman Rita Davis Collins police said in a statement that three officers involved minor injuries and were transported to the hospital for traitement.Les students said the party became so heavy after news of it spread through of social media sites like Facebook.Lt. Reed says not enough police officers were on hand to make any arrests in the huge crowd, but some of his men saw the unfortunate incident and plan to use images to arrests in futur.Reed said charges incentives could include the destruction of life or property, a class six crime with a sentence of one year in prison, and incitement to riot …………….. img ………….. Code Photo … Picturesque / i/pix/2013/04/28/article-0-19867F4F0000 … Picturesque: The horrible scene took place a few blocks from campus idyllic Rocky Mountains of Colorado State University www.colostate . edu ………………………… Read more:.. Comments (34) You must remember that is Colorado where he is now legal to smoke dope and dope. Limit all weapons and go to the dope. I lived in Colorado for nearly 20 years, and used to miss until it begins to drain into the toilet. I took all my stuff out of this state and many, many others have followed me. Good luck Colorado, you need -. Daddo, Hawaii, 4/28/2013 11:48 p.m. ….. Point 2 …..) …. Fort Collins officials weigh charges wild part of back to school …… … / news … Home> Denver and the West … Posted on: 08/30/2011 1:00:00 MDTMise Updated: 08/30/2011 5:17:47 MDTPar Sara BurnettLe Denver Post Fort Collins authorities are investigating whether charges should be filed against the officers or owners of an apartment complex where a back-to-school party Solid finished with 10 people taken to hospital. According to police, between 2,000 and 4,000 people attended the festival on Saturday, an annual event the father of one resident described as “a combination of Woodstock, ‘Animal House’ . and Girls Gone Wild “Four people – including two State University football players Colorado – were cited and libérés.La party begins about 1 pm at Campus Pointe Apartments passage of Ram, a few blocks from CSU but not affiliated with the université.Il has been shortened by about two hours later, when medical units called to the scene found several people passed on others and vomiting after drinking too much alcohol, police Lt. Russell Reed said Monday ……………………………… PARTY VIDEOS … Watch video from the party to The Rap Sheet Blog ……………………………… It had offset Police Department throughout the day, and officers on the night shift who were called at first, to help disperse the foule.Une part of the problem, Reed said, is that the new party spread via social media and texting. A Facebook event page showed nearly 3,000 people have indicated that they will participate. “It is the nature of the beast more,” said Reed. “Some years ago, it was all word of mouth. Now you can send a text message to 20 people, and then they can text 20 people. “The police and the prosecutor’s office of the city will discuss if someone affiliated with the apartments should be accused of violating the city ordinance on nuisance gatherings, said il.Une convicted and fined up to 000, possible jail time and community service. Violators may be liable for damages that occur during a événement.Un spokesman for the company that owns the complex, said the appointment annual event is a charity fundraiser aims to “encourage new students to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.” No alcohol was provided, said spokeswoman Laura Van De Pette.Elle also said that property managers have taken precautions to manage security at the event, but the crowd was larger than expected. Police said that James William Skelton, 21 years, starting linebacker for the Rams, was cited for third-degree assault. Zachary Robert Tiedgen, 21, defensive lineman backup, was cited for disorderly conduct, said the police.Sont also named Daniel James Rosselot, 20, for third-degree assault, and Dillon James Lawrence, 20 years, interfering with an officer police.CSU football coach Steve Fairchild said Monday he has been in contact with all the people involved, but also the collection of information. would Videos taken at the party and posted on YouTube show a swimming pool packed full of people apparently college-age, most of them wearing swimsuits, dancing and drinking. Others gathered in the courtyard and on the balconies of appartements.CSU Dean of Students Jody Donovan said the scene looked dangerous. Although the event was not an event on campus or university, she said CSU will educate students that “if they are in a dangerous environment, they must leave” Sara Burnett: 303 -. 954-1661 or Denver Post staff writer Chris Dempsey contributed to this rapport.Suivez Sara Burnett on Twitter ……
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1st Lt. Chad Ware
Army Reserve 1st Lt. Chad Ware of Wheeling, Illinois, points to the sky as he nears the finish line in 2011 Marine Corps Marathon in 2 hours, 19 minutes , 16 seconds – the fastest time wins in the past 14 years of the event. U.S. Army photo by Brigitta Bruehl-St. Armand militairesaumônier All-sports army waiting fled with Marine Corps MarathonPar Tim HippsUS Army Materiel Command Installation Management USComme if it’s a new master of divinity degree earned him a kind of divine assistance, the Army Reserve 1st Lt. Chad Ware ran the fastest Marine Corps Marathon in 14 years on the eve of Halloween. He won with a time of 2 hours, 19 minutes and 16 secondes.La competition for the All-Army in the Armed Forces Marathon Championships team, Ware had only goal for the 26.2 mile race around Washington , DC He later admitted that to win, he had not crossed my mind. It was not too concerned about his personal-best time operation. He did not even feel the need to run the qualifying to participate in the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for the marathon, who missed by only 16 secondesTout that mattered, Ware said, represented the U.S. military, and being part of something bigger than lui.Se still feeling strong around the 14-mile mark, the game plan was suddenly changed to Ware, who went on to accomplish a feat hundreds of thousands of runners before him could not. “When I caught the leaders around mile 14,” he explained, “there were two guys who jumped around mile eight or nine years, and I’m not with them at that time because they just went too fast. They like a five-minute mile and I ran like 5:09 or 5:10 for the mile, which was even faster than my pace average on the day. “I thought they would be gone and I would not see again. But just after the halfway point, I realized that I took back to them and then took them to 14 years. And then, 19 years ago when I did not hear the footsteps of the last guys behind me, I thought, “Hey, I could have a good chance at it,” Ware still had a long way to go.. And he had to go it alone, the most difficult task of a runner. “Yeah, it was still a long way, but I felt really good throughout the race,” said Ware. “Up ‘that the last two miles, that’s when I started to feel it and so this is where I need a little extra effort to be able to go under 2:19 to try to hit the Olympic trials qualifier, and I did not he simply left in the legs this time. “Ultra-marathoner Michael Wardian of Arlington, Virginia, has also attracted top leaders Emiru Mekonnen and Temesgen Ilanso to both Ethiopia and was second in 2:23:46, four minutes and a half behind Ware. “This is how marathon goes sometimes,” said Ware. “These guys I was catching up in the middle of the race, they just had a really, really not so great last semester. So they fell. “Ware, on the other hand, knocked 1:31 off his previous personal best of 2:20:47 at the Chicago Marathon 2009. Earlier this year, he plans to take a break from the distance.” I had some struggles in the last two years with the marathon -.. simply have not established a solid marathon, “he said” My training was just there the day of marathon, things did not go so well after. I Marathon grandmother in June in Duluth, Minnesota, I was pretty much set on not doing a marathon. “But after helping the team win the U.S. Army in international army Cup Army Ten-Miler just two weeks before the Marine Corps Marathon, Ware competitive nature prevailed. “When I realized there was an opportunity to run for the All-Army, I thought it might I’m going to be held instead of running the tests Olympic qualifying time and be anything or nothing, “he said.” This could be deposited at a better thing. And I get to represent the Army, which is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I have not had the chance to do so before the fall. “I felt like I was part of something something special with the All-Army team. And I’m really looking forward to start with the team competition – the Armed Forces Marathon Championships -., And knowing that if I had a good day, I’d probably end up “I really wanted to do well for the team and represent the Army. It was not only for my own personal goal. It was something a little bigger. “Ware has not only won the Marine Corps Marathon with the fastest time from General Darrell ran 2:18:21 in 1997, he also led the army team to victory against the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps for the crown armées.Le Forces Lieutenant Colonel Keith Matiskella (2:27:21) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Lt. Col. Liam Collins (2:34:34) of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, Captain James Henry (2:40:00) Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, and SPC. James Cheruiyot (2:56:41) of Fort Stewart, Georgia completed the All-Armée.Civils Scuffins Jeff Team Hagerstown, Maryland, still holds the course record with a time of 2:14:01 set in 1987, but the last three Marine Corps Marathons were won by a lieutenant commander of the Navy, an Air Force lieutenant and a lieutenant in the army. “Marines who were there were very, very nice and very supportive,” said Ware. “My brother pointed out to me on the Facebook page U.S. Army, they put something about it, and there were many comments and jawing back and forth between the Marines and the Army. It was pretty funny. “Ware quickly removed in Deerfield, Illinois, coach of the men and teams of cross-country women’s Trinity International University, through the town of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where he received last spring from his master. “It was really nice to hear all the words of encouragement from people and it was cool to be part of these discussions,” Ware said by phone a few days after one moment of glory in Washington. “But ultimately, it really puts things in perspective to come back here and I have some struggles that I face in my cross-country team. This is actually a good thing because it helps me set my mind on most important in life rather than return to the top this time, knowing that I have something more to live. “Ware is committed to Soldiers minister, but is willing to wait until things now . came “I think my faith – knowing that I have faith in something more – no matter if it’s a good day or if it’s a bad day, I hope that does not change the way I am and what I live, I live for God and for His glory, “he said.” Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, I hope I can be a good representative for him. “It became pretty obvious to me that the chaplaincy will not take me on active duty soon, so I had to decide whether I wanted to be a pastor of a church calendar for a period of time and be a reserve chaplain or if I wanted to go on active duty in another position in the army, “said Ware, 27, who received his undergraduate degree in chemistry and will begin the work of military intelligence January to Fort Huachuca, Arizona “My heart is to serve as soldiers in any way whatsoever. chaplain as I’d like, but if this is not possible, I would go on active duty to do something else for a period of time and then hopefully return to the chaplaincy of the road. “Meanwhile, Ware discusses run another marathon, or maybe even a half marathon to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials Team of the United States on January 14 in Houston. “I’m not ready to commit to that right now because I’m still recovering from it,” he said. “I really want to be part of the program of world-class athletes Army. I want to compete for the army as much as I can.” This too will take time. The soldiers did not enter WCAP straight out of college. The army, meanwhile, can feel blessed by the day, a soldier ran the fastest Marine Corps Marathon in 14 years. “I am very thankful and grateful that everything came together, and I thank God for First and foremost for this, “said Ware.” It was something I hesitated to wait before the race because I knew I was capable of this kind of performance for the past two years. But have four or five races were not as I wanted them to, I was just very reluctant to expect anything in this race. “So I was really happy that I could well represent the army. I could finish a marathon strongly. And the fact that I won the race was the icing on the cake. It was a really good experience “History of About the U.S. Army Installation Management Community: IMCOM handles the day-to-day operations of U.S. Army installations around the globe – We are the home of the Army Military installations are communities. provide many of the same types of services expected from any small city. Firefighters, police, public works, housing and child care are some of the things IMCOM does in Army communities every day. We strive to provide a quality of life for soldiers, civilians and families in relation to their service. Our professional workforce is to honor the commitments of the Army Family Covenant, honor the sacrifices of military families, and allow the force generation cycle armée.Notre Mission: Our mission is to provide Soldiers, civilians and their families with a quality of life in relation to the quality of their vision service.Notre: Army installations are the Department of Defense standard for infrastructure quality and are the provider of consistent quality that are a force multiplier in supported organizations’ mission accomplishment, and materially enhance Soldier, Civilian and Family well- préparation.Pour be and learn more about IMCOM: Homepage: / IMCOM / armyimcom / installationmgt / IMCOMPubs / people / HQIMCOMPA / photos / IMCOM /
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U.S. Soldier

show at Warner Theatre in Washington, DC Family and MWR Command 101106

Undersecretary Dr. Joseph W.

Army Westphal (left) and FMWRC Commander Maj. Gen. Reuben D. Jones presents an award to Carolyn Collins, director of the Sexual Harassment / Assault Response and Prevention of the Army G-1 (SHARP) program, one of the sponsors of the 2010 Soldier Show. (U.S. Army photo by Rob McIlvaine, FMWRC Public Affairs authorized the public release, not for commercial use, attribution requested.) Soldier Show raises public of their seats in Warner Theatre DCPar Rob McIlvaineFMWRC business publiquesWashington, DC – (November 7, 2010) When the “Soldier Show 27.0″ open (Virginia) Fort Wallace Theatre Belvoir, the public could not stay in their sièges.Six months later, nothing has changed except the location. crowd at the historic downtown DC Warner Theatre resounded with songs, stomp and dance the stage, in the aisles, in front of the stage and in the balcon.Depuis theater opened in 1924, he saw vaudeville, silent movies, Cinerama, soul, jazz, punk, funk, a Rolling Stones show in 1978 and after renovation in 1992, an appearance by Frank quality of performance in the last 86 years – if it was theater, dance, presentation, television, or the U.S. military come in Show city ??for their annual performance control – continued inchangé.Le title of the show this year refers to the personal computer revolution and the restoration of the exhibition of modern soldier in 1983, first founded by Irving Berlin During the First World War there are twenty-seven years. “Our army is in a state of transformation that we use technological innovations here at home and on the battlefield,” said Maj. Gen. Reuben D. Jones, Commander of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation. “We are adapting new technologies such as social media, to help keep Soldiers connected to their families and friends, no matter where the mission takes them” said Jones.Le format “instant messaging” is used on a large screen as a transition between the song and dance segments, which included tributes to Irving Berlin’s song “Oh, how I hate getting up in the morning” and songs of Michael Jackson.Ce last respects got the audience singing and moving with the music until a soldier came out to interpret the moonwalk of Michael. As if on cue, the audience rose as one cheers, applause and dance in tribute to this great artiste.Victor Hurtado, who created the show with soldiers who came from all over the world for their six months intensive training, voice coaching, execution and construction and demolition sets, had not seen the show in four months because of his other duties. “I am excited to see how the show changed due to a member of the cast and staging changes. But I was not surprised to see how their qualities of professionalism and entertainment increased. They were unbelievable tonight, “said Hurtado was Hurtado.Alors that produces music with his company The Center for American Military Music Opportunities, Producer / Production Manager / managerial functions were taken over by assistant Johnny Stewart show. Before the show opened, Major General Jones presented awards to the sponsors of the exhibition soldier (SHARP) program and fitness Comprehensive Soldier Sexual Harassment / Assault Response and Prevention of G-Force 1.Armée Undersecretary Dr. Joseph W. Westphal also received an award for his continuous and enthusiastic. “Support I have always wanted to go on stage at the Warner Theatre, so you’ll all be happy to know that I have a little song and number dance, “Dr. Westphal told the audience with a twinkle in his eye.” We have soldiers here from all over the world representing almost every job in the military has to offer, and have always enjoyed entertainment because that is how we can connect with our cultural and emotional heritage. This balance allows us to have the largest army in the world, “said Westphal.La musical revue and dance not only gave a section of this heritage, he highlighted the talents of men and women Army, trained as team members in various jobs, who can not leave their comfort zone and build a team of talented animators. Although Major (Retired) Paul Prevost retired from the army for five years, he never saw the soldier Show. His family – Peggy, his wife and their three children, Eden, Tatum and Peyton -.’re All happy, he started a new tradition “It was fun, Dad, we want to come back next year,” said Eden. “This show was amazing,” said Peggy. “It’s even more incredible that these men and women could be of harm this morning and then go out on the scene later in the day. I’m really impressed by how good they are,” she said. According to Jones, the Soldier Show is dedicated to all the men and women in uniform, wherever they are working and struggling to preserve the way of life of America Connect with us:. / familymwr / familymwr / familymwr