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Words Four women selling poisson.Merci those of you who pointed out that this is the Spanish Parade next to the Spanish Arch, the Claddagh in Galway city. It’s Claddagh Quay and Pier Nimmo back-plan.Selon colman.rushe This photo is mentioned in the book Peadar O’Dowd Down by the Claddagh so I went and got a copy of Down by the Claddagh there (1993), and indeed, this is the photo with the caption underneath: “Bring fish market: As this postcard (printed in Berlin) indicates four Wifes Irish fish make their way along long walk to the fish market in front of the Arc or Spanish A Caoch PĆ³irse (the blind arc), as it was then called. (Courtesy Jimmy O’Connor) Now, a greater challenge would be to identify some of the women, and we received very temporary information that these women may be Nonnie O’Donnell, Mary Rodgers, Kitty Conneely and Mrs. Gill, all of the Claddagh Is what you said something Date:.? Circa 1905NLI Ref: . href = “″ Eas 4055