Coach Handbags

coach life colorado

1.deportment –

With small packets ferret can be fixed by armpit while avoiding bag body bags, turn around, Coach handbag should be in arms, natural arm elbow on the waist line in 90 degrees without Coach bags can make your chest, arms sheets along the length of the arm or leg of the natural terrain near the location, the sisters avoided by all ways is to Coach purse under your armpit! –

2 and personality –

The girl went recreational sports, can choose collocation nylon, etc. package plastic or thick canvas “hard”. Lovely temperament and dress collocation sweet voice girl is elegant, often frivolous fabrics, so will the texture of the bag with cotton, hemp or wages bud silk, etc. –

Third, popular –
The most popular
not necessarily the most appropriate for you! Perhaps the last quarter circle lubricant package ferret fluorescence will have a bright look immediately to his leadership, but perhaps the ground next to hand paint color is your favorite “joker”. –

Four, face –

face stereo feeling is strong, can choose to face with high cheekbones tape anacreontic with character models of neutral metal style and five small, round shape is an appropriate choice in dressed atom fire with cast iron and beautiful bag type. –

Five, height –

Large bag is large, but also how to choose according to the height and did not appear. If the height of 165 cm in length should be chosen, about 60 cm in the vertical magazine size bags of clothing, 158 cm tall, should choose stretches approximately 50 cm, can Transvestite in the bag and the scale size of the magazine of FIG. –

Six leather –

common natural leather in the thumb pressed appear fine texture, the level of flexibility and full, the leather is better. Reason common goat skins appears corrugated texture of the skin coarse and fine beef, pore Mizhi showed irregular arrangement punctual, pork is a rough surface, decorative pattern is usually a group, three pore distribution can be difficult, but sweet. –

Seven, see the manual –

Whatever you choose how long a bag, want to buy property. Select style, before paying to check the surface and sandwich bags are not carefully suture, braces are strong, apart from the connection If a metallic accessories, need to know if the material to fade, zippers and buttons are perfect functions such steps are not forgotten. –

Eight, see color –

bag, clothing accessories and color collocation, plays an important role. But overall color collocation depth distinct layers can build the model of casual elegance. In a bag and contrasting colors, such as black dress collocation with shoes is the red colored bag individual character is tie-in a bright eyes, bag can also be in the flower skirt or model jacket printing a whole kind of color selection, integral feeling lively but elegant style. –

Nine Life –

Buy when the bag can not ignore its practicability, if you just “upgrade” actually pretty mummy bottles layers while a noble LV / Gucci handbag, may be intimidated passers-wide bag nylon bag more colorful and you can leave your baby fashion.