LIFE Magazine (September 27, 1923) … Section 3 .. Life is really fair? – This is the calculation of injustice. (October 9, 2011/11 Tishrei 5772) … point 4 .. Confronting the madness of homework (Posted Tuesday, 9/18/12) …

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LIFE magazine (27 September 1923) … Section 3 .. Life is really fair? – This is the calculation of injustice. (October 9, 2011/11 Tishrei 5772) … point 4 .. Confronting the madness of homework (Posted Tuesday, 9/18/12) …
Tell that to Debbie Regent, a mother of two daughters, 14 and 10, who says homework stress is ruining his life. After a day of work, she arrives home to several hours of homework supervision. “There’s a value to reinforce what you learned that day through homework. There is no value to torture a child with five pages of math problems when they have other classes with homework as well. “Regent, a campaign manager with the Jewish National Fund, says homework, much of which is just busywork, not only keeps children from need for downtime, it weighs on parents, also ……… ***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ………… header message aish.comDe Conan O’Brien Start Address … Conan has something to tell you about the dreams of your life: they will change … Video … 12:01 minutes ….. Point 1) …. … … Home Multimedia JEWLARIOUS ………. img code …………………………….. picture … Start Address Conan O’Brien ………. ………………………….. Jewlarious … Jewish Humor, arts and spectaclesDébut address Conan O’Brien / d / mm / Conan_OBriens_Commencement_Address.html .. Me, a crook ? … I’m not creative and frankly such action would never have occurred to me. And although in some wild, diabolical time this was the case, I would certainly never acted on it …. Point 2 …..) …. … / f / mom … The mother house for .. Me, a crook? A librarian had the nerve to suggest that I am a thief ………….. Code …………………………. img picture … Me, a crook? ………… ………………………….. 24 June 2011/22 Sivan 5771par Emuna Braverman … I visited my local library last week. My family and I often are library users and excited that habits of our community recently convinced the city to close the library on Saturday and Sunday open instead! But as happy as I am with this answer is not what triggered this column. I noticed a book that I had returned (actually a book on CD, O my secret to getting on the treadmill every day) was marked late Something went pas.Je am a familiar face to the librarian. the receipt of your order. But this problem was the responsibility of the library reference with which I had no relationship antérieure.Je I explained the situation and even if she called the branch where the book belonged, I went (his suggestion) to search the shelves to see if she may have been misclassified in this branch instead. Indeed, he was there. I was thrilled by the ease with which I found. Mystery solved problem clears up, the CD is now on their way home propre.Tout the world happy -. Well, not quite “We do not know when the book was returned,” the librarian m ‘ informed, “you still have to pay the fine.” I’ll admit at the outset that the fine was small (.40) and it was, as they say, the principle of the thing. I was puzzled and I (politely) said. “I’m confused, if it is your mistake, why should I pay the fine?” “It is not our fault,” she said. “But I will reduce the fine in half.” I was not going to be worth about 70 cents. I paid and left. But I’m still puzzled. If it was not their fault, how exactly does the book make on the board Who is to blame? I certainly would not have done. then I realized that it was the only possible explanation. Does it really suggests that, in an effort to save .40 I had walked with the CD, deliberately stuck on the wrong shelf and then went to her with my sob story faked? I could not believe it. I’m not creative and frankly such action would never have occurred to me. And although in some wild, diabolical time c ‘ was the case, I certainly never would have acted on the assumption that its elle.Est library patrons are dishonest? are guilty until proven innocent? Has it been confirmed by experience? Is it appropriately cautious attitude or just a suspicious cynic? Does this reflect the policy of the library or individual views of humanity? Anyway I was disturbed and saddened by the experience. Like go to the library. I put a high value on public service they provide. And I hate to think that librarians consider misleading users as criminals, as opposed to enthousiastes.Le chief librarian readers really just need train employees to be more careful when reshelving books. And it needs to be trained to give the benefit of the doubt. Whats the point of being surrounded by all these books if you do not learn the most valuable lessons life from them? … Point ….. 3) …. … / sp / pg … HOME SPIRITUALITY GROWTH PERSONNELLEGravir the échelonsLa life is really about? ………………… img code …………….. picture … Climbing the Ladder ………………………. ………. October 9, 2011/11 Tishrei 5772par Rabbi Nehemiah Coopersmith / sp / pg / Climbing_the_Ladder.html The other day, my son Yehuda, who has Down syndrome, has been called a “retard” by a young boy. Fortunately, this is rare and Jerusalem cheder where he built his second classmates quality more or less accept. But even insults me piquer.Yehuda the other hand, was not fazed a bit, to seven years, he does not yet know that it is different from other He just called back “delay” But that time will come -.! if not this year, then maybe next time, when the gap between him and his classmates will be even greater – and I wonder: How is it fair that God has created such drawbacks How is it fair that God created my son with such disadvantages Ma? wife and I are extremely grateful that Yehuda is very high functioning – he speaks two languages, can read, he is working on his writing skills, his understanding is correct and he has a great sense of humor and kindness set him are very endearing -., but there is an obvious gap His speech is not perfectly clear, it does not have the coordination (again) to ride a bike without training wheels, some of his social skills are off (there are only so many When we can look to the “magic” or listen to the same joke) and there is no way he can keep fully with the second charge of quality work. And this inequality is only related augmenter.Article : Raising YehudaLe “delay” epithet magnified the reality of differences between Yehuda and other children his age that I always try to minimize vain And he sneaked evoked this question. Where is the fairness in that Click here? to receive free weekly email of does not need to have a child with mental disabilities or disabled to cause the problem. God Why is it that a child of a naturally gifted student who excels in everything she puts her mind to, and another child a adventure seeker who is struggling academically Why does God make some beautiful and thin people and other less Why some people are born in the lap of luxury with all the benefits of Western society and others are born into poverty in the third world countries? The question in various forms plagues most people. Who has not woken up in the morning at a time or another inequality of life lamenting why he got the promotion and not me Why did the perfect husband, the perfect house, perfect children and not me Why was I born with this skin these? hair, nose? When we measure our success by comparing ourselves to others, we are assured of a life filled with discontent and unhappiness. There will always be someone who has more advantages than you. This is the calculation of injustice. Personal Success has nothing to do with anyone else. It must be measured against himself, how will I update my potential? The criterion for the development and direction is based on the number of bars of my ladder I climbed, not how long before I compare myself to others. God creates each person with a unique mission in life, with the challenge to highlight its internal forces and discuss with its set of weaknesses. On this point, any card game that we distributed, we all égaux.En comparing the success of Yehuda other reduced performance of external results rather than the inherent struggle to life itself même.En comparing the success of Yehuda other denies the uniqueness and masks his soul the first to exercise his free will spiritual challenge. It reduces the performance of external results (which are ultimately not in our control) rather than the inherent struggle of life itself (“According to the effort is the reward” Ethics of the Fathers 5:26). Yehuda will never be able to keep up. So what, he is not the same as others, as others are not the same thing as him. It is “unfair” when I make the comparison irrelevant for autres.La wisdom in this perspective may be obvious, but because we live in a material world, it is a real struggle to stop comparing ourselves to others and live with the awareness that the purpose of our life is to strive to demonstrate our potential, whatever it être.Assis is in the sukkah gives us the opportunity to reinforce the idea that the basis of our true self-esteem is internal, not external. This is the great equalizer. We all leave our comfortable homes, they are large or small, and live for a week in a cabin with star head, recognizing how ephemeral the physical world really is. “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity,” we read in Ecclesiastes during the holidays. Having reached the piercing clarity of what is really important in life during the intense period of the High Holidays, we renewed strength and focus to translate our vision inspired ourselves in action. It is not surprising that the festival of Sukkot is called “Zman simchateinu” – the time of our joy. Living in the shadow of God’s embrace, we realize life is fair, after all …. Point ….. 4) …. The Miami Herald … … WORK / LIFE ÉQUILIBREFaire face madness duties ………………………. img Code Photo … Debbie Regent / Smedia / 2012 / 09/18/21/31/UxLAT.Em.56 … Debbie Regent, 48, center, with her children Haley, 10, left, and Brooke, 14, to do their homework at their kitchen table. Weston resident Debbie Regent, 48 years old, working mother with two daughters, oversaw her children homework for several hours in Weston, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012. CARL JUST / Miami Herald STAFF ………………………. Is the overload of homework or help shape the next generation for what lies ahead? Or should we provide some balance to the children (and their parents), too? BY CINDY Krischer GOODMANBALANCEGAL@GMAIL.COMPosté Tuesday, 09/18/12 / 09/18/v-fullstory/3009370/coping … The words slide on the language of the father yards a math assignment from his corner office or the mother who darts force to review dozens of spelling words home: stop the madness of homework I have! those words myself, often late at night after my daughter is melting down from hours of math problems on the above tests and chapter outlines. Ask almost any parent and they’ll tell you the amount of work that fulfills the agenda of their child écrasante.Pour rebel, books and websites have been devoted to homework Stop motion, urging the writing campaigns letters and confrontation teachers. Last week, I read about a woman who boasted that her daughter’s elementary school had never done a stroke of homework. Each year, the mother sits with the teacher and principal and explains that her daughter will be careful, get good grades and stellar good test scores, but it does not do his homework. She says the school, they can alert if an intervention is necessary. Somehow, this fonctionné.Pourtant, I wonder if we take the wrong approach. Is this madness homework we complain that parents who work the key to preparing our children for the work of the future? A father I know convincingly argues that homework, even volumes, is an essential preparation to career success. “It is not realistic for us to raise children to think that they will work from 9 to 5, leave and they did,” he said. “These children will need to be well prepared manage all meetings and projects and emails that come to their workplace. “Obviously, there are new rules that we play by the workplace today. If you want a decent job that will lead to a decent life, you must work harder and smarter. Experts say workplace of the next generation of workers will be innovative, problem solving, risk takers open-minded with the ability to learn new things, to adapt to new work situations and maintain high productivity. “The burden is on workers to organize their time,” said Lynn Karoly, senior economist at the RAND Corp. who has studied the future workforce. Experience working with his own children, Karoly said she saw a change, with teachers giving assignments short and long term, team projects and oral presentations. “It is representative of how students are expected to learn and skills they will need in the workforce. “Tell that to Debbie Regent, a mother of two daughters, 14 and 10, who says homework stress is ruining his life. After a day of work, she arrives home to several hours of homework supervision. “There’s a value to reinforce what you learned that day through homework. There is no value to torture a child with five pages of math problems when they have other classes with homework as well. “Regent, a campaign manager with the Jewish National Fund, says homework, much of which is just busywork, not only keeps children from need for downtime, it weighs on parents, also . Today, most working parents juggle multiple responsibilities at work, at home, in the community and even as coaches on the football field. Regent I suggested that our children will be better prepared for their juggling act. “You could say that we are trying to prepare for a society where everyone is having a heart attack or is a kind of drug for stress. If you call the real world a stressful place, frustrating, so I think there is a point to be there. “Cristy Leon-Rivero, vice president of marketing and human resources to Navarro Discount Pharmacy, said that Homework teaches responsibility, work ethic and time management – essential to the success of work skills. Today, with laptops and smartphones, few of us really leave work behind when we leave the office. “I think it boils down to one word – discipline,” says Leon-Rivero, a mother of three children “We teach our children from an early age that they have responsibilities and that their actions have consequences. . and hard work will lead to results “Josh Merkin, a Miami public relations professional, offers a different perspective:” Future generations will not work as hard, but they will have to work even harder. If they are better prepared, it is not because of homework. “In fact, Merkin, a father of five children ranging from 13 to 3, said the duties originally intended to enhance learning, is often attributed to the concepts students are not taught and are expected to learn on their own. He believes the unnecessary volume often forces children to drop sports or other extracurricular activities that teach teamwork and other essential skills to new generation of worker travail.La provides some perspective. Lindsay Parkinson, 22 and on the job as a nurse since July, said she sees the value of having struggled through homework. “I learned early on what happens if you procrastinate.” she said Parkinson many of his friends enter the workplace who are short of staff. “There’s a lot expected of us, and we know how to prioritize. We are ready for it.” Yet Parkinson said she is not a supporter of workloads in accordance with Merkin that must be given in modération.Pendant the meantime, numerous reports indicate the 20-somethings entering the workplace today set higher than other generations on work-life balance value. I wonder, is this discharge? Are the next generation of workers burned by years of madness homework and university pressure when they get a job? Alyssa Alonso, a 24-year-old Bay Harbor Islands police dispatcher, she says, and most of his friends admit, even if they love their work, “life outside of work is much more important.” Many have entered professions where they ‘re should respond to e-mails or customer calls at all hours and take the paperwork at home. “We work ethic and we are ready to manage,” she said, “but we want to avoid as much as possible.” Workplace columnist Cindy Krischer Goodman is CEO of BalanceGal, a national provider of news and advice on how to balance work and life. Email or visit …..
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organizer of Canada offered to the meeting direct drive with the speaker who is president of the Austin chapter of the Federation of the coach. It is said to be the coach of the coach. We had a good laugh when she corrected to ask a complex question when he had told us not to. She chose a subject apt-how to drum up volunteers to keep the organization going. (She is a member of the nomination committee and a member of the board.) The day before, there was a speed training session and this man has coached me. Although I’m not big on the phenomena of coaching, because it assumes that the client has all the answers and I just prefer to give a sign of the goddess, he was very good and I left feeling that I was doing exactly what I should be doing, but I had a better idea of ??what it was. Thinking about what he said, while the plan of the house, I found myself writing the opening act of a post-game appocalyptic a former cashier hoarding money without a credit value of currency effondré.Lors another session on the first day I received the results of an emotional intelligence test given by another speaker and coach. He basically said that I had a very high opinion of myself, but he did not want to follow the rules of others. Nothing new about that, but I do not think it would be so obvious. And the qualities which indicated the non cooperative has been described as a combination of weakness in empathy and social responsibility (it had nothing to do with saving the planet, but it was more about the responsibility your company or organization). So it seemed to coincide with my recent desire to behead people. He suggested that I believe to be more cooperative with the group as a whole groupe.Le score high on assertiveness and low on the resolution, which he meant that we draw from the hip problem, but the use of same bag of tricks. This gave us much to discuss later and since we all think of ourselves so the general consensus was that he did not know our profession and thought more in terms of the company’s employees. And besides, if something does not work, we would quickly offer another can be our way of being efficace.Je score high on assertiveness and resolution which he said meant that I think a good step by step problem, but may be subject to too much thinking and assertiveness can be seen as arrogant. Test data for this outfit for a fee: / aboutus.html There was also another test given a “positive psychologist” and the coach (an African-American woman with an excessive number of degrees), which showed us that our core strengths were. We were much happier with this test, so did not talk much. But I had a laugh when I saw that the main force of modesty and humility was the bottom of my table, followed by the kindness and generosity, and industry, diligence and perseverance. So even if I was not high on curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and even social intelligence, I was a dedicated slacker who thinks highly of herself while pursuing my addiction to know all this . You can take this test for free at / questionnaires . aspx . Scroll down the list until you get to the VIA Signature Strengths 24 questionnaire.Kim scored almost opposite me on the two tests that come high on empathy and kindness that led to his going Beyond this organization. She did nothing but voluntary and is above serve high-end customers demanding. We had a few laughs about it. I get teased at life and I think to be more cooperative with the group. So it was probably a good thing that I found myself volunteering to help the conference committee for the next year.