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be a winner – survival strategies – and why the best survival strategy is to enjoy your fate
So they’ve forced you into a corner! hate you. You did not ask to be here. It’s not your fault. You do not want to be ici.Et now there is no way but all their WAY. You are trapped. And they love to see you squirm! What do you do? … This situation often occurs in affaires.Je remember a case where I helped a chain of pharmacies in the family to develop standard operating procedures to become compliant with new industry regulations They saw this requirement as a cost burden;. taxation, more bureaucracy Bruxelles.Et to do this, he had pushed to use a level of skills they simply do not have. [Slick design process and drafting of documents effective procedure, and incorporate them into your daily routine and systems is not the work of a pharmacist. No pharmacy can not afford as a permanent overload. And this is a level of skills shortage] So they would have to hire consultants, and we all know what a costly and humiliating ordeal that can be “But:.! Wait a minute! Since you invest a lot of time and energy in improving your basic business methods, why not take this opportunity to root on some issues nagging costs at the same time!, I advised [as a consultant expensive wannabe ]. And even: ‘Why do not innovate new business lines for money-making while you are “I can not do encouragé.Vous expensive – outline some docs you will get u through your next audit, you can do expensive, and employ a consultant writing SOP process to a gold plated manual for you (but no more) … “But why not enjoy this place? Told! … Well Well, the same is very true for me as a company that is down to size: 1 niw rediculously Stück – against my will – in the work program brilliantly designed by the govt because I JSA [after . a long period of homelessness that has crippled my ability to get a job or create any kind] [Yes, I'm being sarcastic - The spirit of this poor man No excuse] Their “advice” I clearly have.. And every meeting need not “coaching” to “help” me, it’s a long bus ride:. while I can much better use if it is left to me is même.Mais humiliation hit me for six – he did it to me again and again in this new saga benefits in the mine since my company échoué.Chaque govt ‘welfare’ interventon was destructive for me [except when I get actually my hands on my £ 146 per week food and rent money of course - unfortunately for us all, I really need this] The whole process is damn inapte.Au beyond just to!. be worked cripplingly slow and terribly errors. He is ignorant, degrading, threatening ["turn-up or we'll punish you" on each communication] and infuriating negative. You are a lazy guilty until proven innocent-workshy to each étape.Et coach WP – a child unconditionally dragged through the streets to train “service” this opportunistic public [same age as my son] – is that blindly quote from a cheat sheet coaching program work goes Mat: “Just think, Mr. Partridge” it “motivates” inappropriately, “will not feel so much better ** with a job at Christmas?” [Of course, I would be bloody - and I still feel better if you want to stop being so condescending and take the trouble to actually * ask * me what I really need help to wade in with your false assumptions !] It really is not the No. 1 promise: “Respect”, the customer service of the employment agency ensures that they wave to you from their wall motivational poster [who is behind the guard Security Home] [I actually understand everything now, after so many frustrations. the service was actually designed for this unpleasant **! . "Brutal" My office manager called WP] The thing is: it is also doomed to failure and a waste of your [and] my impôts.A € 2500 bonus my WP org coaching – a new configuration employee of the company in a great local charity – get if (when) I paid work … And they have done one thing for it! If they were really givng me a service that I could enjoy it, so much the better: I would gladly see them paid handsomly. But this is a corrupt. “Do what you said, and you have nothing to fear as” I hear someone say? Well, I did that too before, see, and a villain – my considered opinion – female JSA sign-on supervisor St Austell blocked me from signing, just to force me to submit to his will [this act of its illegality: but now I see that too power in the wrong hands - especially smallminded, mean hidden way hands down in massive public organizations - is indeed a very dangerous thing] You see she had absolute absolute power to deprive me of food, and!. she was not the least bothered if she used: seemed to be quite enjoy doing it for me, in fact this little upset, I was not at all prepared for that I just! to be [precarious] relocated and still stinging many similar ill-treatment, it hit me like a train … I left the post, after appealing to the deaf, in a daze. almost sank me in the street I was shocked, trembling, trapped:. I should die of hunger if I did that * she * voulait.Mes wishes counted for rien.Eh well I returned the next day determined to get my money now late, regardless of their price and I finally got to see the manager’s office – another woman [female team intimidation of unemployed men is a serious problem in many public welfare offices, I now observe] – and I complained but despite their obvious cockup and admitted I was anywhere except for an empty apology and aparently a blatent lie – another opinion is checked I want to be true – to cover-up for his personal behavior is horrible and not hide that my application was in fact still valid and payable with no further action nécessaire.Donc, I always have to execute the orders of the beautiful supervisor. The whole office had ganged and closed ranks on me. It was pure and simple intimidation. A perfect Big Brother scénario.Eh well, I do not have a choice, I did! So I made them submission, then “advise” the JSA gently pressed the unlock key on his computer so I can finally get my last 2 weeks money for food that I can now look forward to eating for the next two weeks again … Lucky me! I’m still surviving [I signed-off JSA in disgust immediately after, in total fusion. I could not bear this treatment. I left my room and I left Cornwall, and just wandered around. was s' it really feels like the end.] [Even a very intelligent man can be so intimidating!] Now I understand what “freedom” really means, and why people in the United States …. So treasure so strongly j ‘have a sunburn emotional to be despised and negatively scrutinized now and I’m still vulnerable and not rémunéré.Alors, [one year later]. jobcentre more humiliation [I restarted JSA about 2 weeks after this incident of intimidation - could not possibly survive without]: This Christmas, I was sent to a work program framework “service” catch-up against my will [other smasher reputation] and am now trying to get a balanced mind on all …… You see, my life private and confidential, my resume, my family, my personal problems, my most pressing obstacles, my business interests are just that: private and confidential Then why the hell I to be treated as a war criminal, and having to put it all naked, just because I’m on my national policy of claiming insurance? It is not Britain, is it? .. . I tried desperately to find a job before being called to the program -.. I knew it would happen, but I failed and I hated being a failure, toujours.Et I tried to communicate with the program positively since then, but it started from the inapproproately départ.J ‘had discussed my situation with them and we had a very good meeting where we had all agreed that they could not help me on their diet [J 'already had a CV - more - and already had an agent, and I'd be a job search process I developed intensive and systematic self-employment business, and I knew that self-employment so like I n 'I do not need expensive self-employment motivation in the GOV, thx, and I was doing the minimum ** 2 positive measures of job search per week provided by law for my money JSA - 5 working days of development solid, in fact, including voluntary framework for firms (inc research and writing of this flow) - and ladies JSA continue to scan me every 2 weeks anyway, so you do not have to Also, your lot] … And just when I started back to work after losing the last meeting frustrating and time with them! BANG I get another WP quote: “Turn Up on 22 Feb at 1015 for a progress report [or we will starve] “The blood begins to boil.. Hands begin to shake uncontrollably. My mind goes haywire – hours pass in a daze … This is PTBD (post-traumatic disorder benefits) collapse of Julian # 42 …… Then a few frantic sleepless nights later, I saw it on # CBB [yes my new owner has a Can I watch TV too - lucky me]: “Turn that frown upside down” – Rylan [tipsey a little on the BBS cider diet] to Heidi looked very grim being forced to live in dormitory with all other encore.Et this: “If you do not go out you might as well make the best of it” – Rylan, Heidi was having another seizure freedom denial of his own composition. And this: “Security” – Rylan, talk to Tricia on what he’ll miss most when it comes out (after having been bullied all his life and now again wherever he goes like a celebrity newBE) And. then this: “Whatever the stick is thrown to you, get over it and be yourself because you will always end up on top in the end” – Rylan on what he has learned, as it is now . CBB 2013 Winner *** I * really * like Rylan And now, this afternoon, half watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade safety of my own living room while working on this and that – and today ‘Today this particular room for a few hours now: The treasure thief takes back gold cross Young Indy, putting on his hat-of-destiny on Indy, as a consolation prize for Indy. “You lost today’ ! hui, kid, but you do not have to like it “BINGO No, I agree: I do not like it but I’ll do whatever they need me anyway [! no choice! Do eat to be able to find work] It would not do for me cher.Mais I will also do more I’ll go to these notices of meetings with no fuss, but I’ll ask! exactly what * I * need help * me * in * my * individual circumstances. I’ll make it work for * me *. And if [when] they refuse me, I will not reveal all my personal belongings just to make a humiliating, but convincing appeal, however valid [! that would be far too expensive] No, I’ll do it smarter than that I’ll say:. well, do it your way But I’ll learn * * from this experience at the same time [I have a feeling I'll enjoy - and it is bound to a profit that I can share with you too]. So, I’ll see it along with all ! its faults, the right to end this is an opportunity – not a malédiction.I * am * – again -. free [But do not keep pushing me, David!]
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Coach Luke Strategy Bulls Catch Up
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Ellen Godfrey St.George – Entrepreneurial Coach
Elli St.George Godfrey has always been passionate about helping people find a way to be at their best. Combining a background in psychology and work with contractors, she developed that incorporates three key model where each client is in the business life cycle. It uses the capabilities of its customers who rely on the success of propelling business and personal growth. Using cycles of short-term coaching, Elli and its customers to focus on how and who runs the business by integrating the coaching process to measure the results can be seen in the bottom line and each person. Clients feel confident to identify and develop strategies to become more effective leaders, plan more creatively, innovate and overcome fears and obstacles to building their businesses according to their vision. More information: