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This image is the recording of a conversation I facilitated with a client about his career, relationships and self-enrichment. She realized she enjoyed working outside an office environment, used his desire to spend more time on outdoor activities, and reflected on what worked and what did not in past relationships. We finally determine its next steps in the three areas. She left with a determined step drawing rolled under his arm.
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Army is expanding its program guide youth career at all garrisons 090218
Photo caption:. A Fort Bragg adolescence trace level it deems necessary qualifications to become a video game designed at an event of the LIFE program Army is expanding its program guide youth career at all garrisons 090218 By Wiliam Bradner, FMWRC Public Affairs etScott Copus, FMWRC manager program of the American jeunesseL’armée launched a new educational youth program called LIFE, Inc.: The Ultimate Career Guide for Young during a demonstration at Tolson Youth Activities Center at Fort Bragg last month. LIFE, Inc. is available for all army garrisons in youth centers and installation is sponsored by Scott Copus Deloitte.Marshall Foundation, Youth for military children, youth and school manager services to the family of the army and the command of MWR, directs LIFE, Inc. initiative for the army. “We piloted Life, Inc., through our team of Tiger Youth in 2008 we continue the deployment in 2009 and beyond, “said Copus.” We are also pleased that Neale Godfrey, author of Life, Inc., will present at the 2009 Boys and Girls Club of America Conference youth development impact in Germany to train staff and implement the program of the Army, Air Force and professional development of youth Marine abroad. “Participants Life, Inc. joined Patti Turner, Fort Bragg Youth and director of school-age services, and students at the Tolson Youth Activities Center at Fort Bragg, January 9, 2009. The team conducted a lifetime, Inc. business with so-called “student Race-To-The-Board.” Students were challenged by a physical and mental game to understand the skills needed to succeed in various careers. “Young people are bombarded with so many opportunities to make the wrong choice,” said Turner. “Programs like Life, Inc. to give them the opportunity to practice making good choices, to reflect on the positive opportunities and goals in life. It is a real boost for military families. “” LIFE, Inc. adds a lot of value for our students, “said Turner.” Military Children have certain barriers to treat other children have not. They move frequently, so they face a loss of stability and social adjustment difficulties whenever they start again. They also have the added pressure of the current global war / terrorism fight – many are separated for long periods of time in one or more parents. So it’s up to us to fill the gap, providing youth programs such as life, Inc. that will coach / mentor to become what they want to be. “” The stirred our students and made them think the program, I can be what I wanna be. I do not have to limit myself, “says Turner.Après activity at Fort Bragg, Alex J. Wallace said “The career I wanted to do was to be an artist and model, but now I want to be much more than that I learned that you need to know many things to have a career, and you must. . stay in school for a good career “Another participant, Gabby Ramos said.” I learned the skills you need to succeed is what they teach us in school “” This I learned today is that regardless of my career, I should not be afraid of it, “said a graduate student, Adrianna Vasquez.LIFE, Inc. The program consists a student textbook, a teacher’s guide with seven easy to teach lessons and activities, a student newspaper that each student receives individual record their results, an interactive website ( ) and Instructor Training. They are created by the New York Times # 1 bestselling author and financial literacy expert, Neale S. Godfrey.VIE, Inc. provides today’s youth with the opportunity to see their future an inspiring way. One of the most important aspects of life, Inc. the program is its ability to help students to “consider” career opportunities through the use of interviews with “virtual models.” These are people who act as mentors for students to reflect on the journey of their life and provide useful information about their own careers. In doing so, the “Virtual Role Models” show that there are many roads to success. Students also learn how to investigate career opportunities and gain interviews and financial literacy skills while discovering their unique interests. “Nobody is born to be a doctor, a soldier or a president,” said Godfrey. “Everything starts with a dream, hard work and the people around you that will help you in your journey.” An objective of LIFE, Inc. ‘s is to motivate the next generation to get out of bed every morning and be excited about seizing the day. Another of its tasks is to “Connect-the-dots” for today’s youth, so that they understand the importance and relevance of the topics they learn and be encouraged to stay in school. “Dropout rate in the nation are enormous,” according to Shaun Budnik, president of Deloitte LLP and Deloitte Partner Foundation. “Our job as educators, parents, military, business and – frankly – everyone is to encourage young people to” dreams “and give them the tools to achieve those dreams. Education is the mission of the Deloitte Foundation – we are here to make a difference in the lives of our students, “Stan Smith, National Director, Cross Generational Initiatives, Deloitte LLP, said:” Our research shows that young people are thinking about. career in college, so it is essential to give them the tools they need at this age to encourage them to look at the world beyond what they see on television. “” We are delighted to partner with Deloitte Foundation to bring life, Inc. youth in our garrisons, “said Col. Brick Miller, commander of the Army Family and MWR Command, the military headquarters children, youth and school services. “The program reinforces our commitment to education and higher education while inspiring students to visualize various career opportunities. We are confident that the LIFE, Inc. will be a valuable tool to teach and encourage our youth to stay in school and become tomorrow’s leaders. “Deloitte Foundation also supports the gift of LIFE, Inc. for thousands of other after-school programs across the country and school. LIFE, Inc. is also translated into Spanish, and all materials are available for download PDF gratuit.Si other army garrisons or houses young people are interested in life, Inc. program they can contact Scott Marshall Copus to:. Marshall.copus @

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