The letter of March 17, 1975, Steve Prefontaine to his former track coach of the Marshfield High School, Walt McClure

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March 17, 1975, letter

Steve Prefontaine in the former Marshfield High School track coach, Walt McClure
Steve Prefontaine March 17, 1975, letter to his former Athletics Marshfield High School coach Walt McClure. Pre written in Denver, Colorado, where he was a high-altitude training at the invitation of Frank Shorter.Après have completed within three pre meets in January in Maryland and California, he and Frank Shorter traveled together through the South American West in February, training and competing in indoor meets. Frank then encouraged before spending a month training in conditions of high altitude in Colorado, where Frank had made his home after his career in collegiate athletics. Frank argued for the benefits of such training before the outdoor track season began in April 1975. The remarks in the pre letter indicated that the training was very beneficial for lui.Dans letter, Pre is in discussions with his former high school coach, Walt McClure, its request to the AAU for permits to develop meets a delegation of Finnish track and field athletes he invited to visit the U.S. northwest, famous Pre “. Finnish tour” Coach McClure Pre helped set up the meeting, including one as a home of students Pre Coos Bay, Oregon, and last race of his life meadow, in Eugene, Oregon, May 29, 1975. This Tour “Final” “also included Madras, Oregon, Burnaby BC, Canada, and California Relay Modesto.L AAU was squawking deny permissions on a false sense of its exclusive to set up international rights shall meet United States. Pre is the first U.S. amateur athlete ever announce its intention to organize this meeting même.Pré he played a game of chicken with the AAU, an organization under fire for its arbitrary control over the racing career American amateur athletes, and draconian rules and regulations that have kept athletes in virtual poverty, travel and confinement in squalid conditions while officials dictated AAU athletes every move while they themselves stayed in Hotels 5 starsThese permit eventually come after pre twist in the wind for a while. AAU was not in a position of moral authority to assume the most prominent and outspoken athlete in American track so they reculé.La letter also indicates a particular attention to the pre planning and management médias.Pré finally tells his former coach that will train for the 1976 Olympics. asks the decision not to be annouced because he was not ready for the pressure. concludes with the statement that “This should be a great year for me because I want to destroy my competition.” If only he had the chance to do so.
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